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Fight to Save Our Education System

June 14, 12:30pm
333 South Beaudry Avenue

Kielce Action outside the school board meeting

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We Need a Sustainable System That Serves All Students

An independent report by MGT of America reveals that LAUSD is estimated to lose an astonishing $591 million to unmitigated charter school growth this year alone. If costs associated with charter school expansion are not mitigated with common sense solutions, the district will face financial insolvency, according to an analysis of the report.

Financial insolvency will negatively impact all schools─district and charter.

The district needs to take the first steps to saving itself by:

  • Collecting 3% of charter revenue at co-located schools instead of 1% (this amounts to more than $2 million)
  • Collecting all financial fees on co-located charters that were given space they didn’t need on district campuses (this amounts to tens of millions of dollars)